Babyseminar WS 10/11: Étale Cohomology

Time: Wednesdays, 4pm to 6pm
Room: T03 R03 D75

Program: here (by Philipp Hartwig and Martin Kreidl)

DateTitleSpeakerÉtale Site and Étale Cohomology of a SchemeThi Algebra of Abelian (Pre)SheavesPeng Presheaves, Quasi-coherent Sheaves and Artin-Schreier TheoryMartin of $\mathbb{G}_m$ and the Kummer SequencePhilipp Rings and Stalks of Étale Sheaves IIvan Rings and Stalks of Étale Sheaves IIIvan Groups and the Theorem of TsenLei Étale Cohomology of Smooth CurvesLars sheaves, locally constant sheaves, constructible sheavesIvan Base Change I (Notes)Lars Base Change II (Notes)Lars