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Director:   Prof. Dr. Daniel Greb

Phone: +49 / (0)201 / 18-36898 , Email: daniel.greb - at -

Daniel Greb
Secretary:   Martina Striebeck

Phone: +49 / (0)201 / 18-32421 , Email: martina.striebeck - at -

Research Area: Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry


  • Birational geometry of higher-dimensional varieties
  • Structure theory of compact Kähler manifolds
  • Geometry of varieties with trivial canonical bundle / hyperkähler manifolds
  • Kähler-Einstein metrics on singular spaces
  • Singularities of the Minimal Model Program


  • Geometric Invariant Theory
  • Hamiltonian group actions and momentum maps
  • Stability conditions and quotients


  • Moduli spaces of coherent sheaves and Higgs bundles on higher-dimensional varieties and Kähler manifolds
  • Kobayashi-Hitchin correspondence
  • Nonabelian Hodge theory
  • Geometry of period domains
  • Uniformisation of compact complex spaces