Meeting time and place:

We meet on Tuesdays, 12 Uhr (c.t.) in WSC-S-U-3.01


This semester we will have a seminar on mixed Tate motives and the motivic fundamental group, concentrating on the three papers:

Deligne, P. Le groupe fondamental de la droite projective moins trois points.   Galois groups over Q Math. Sci. Res. Inst. Publ., 16, 

Deligne, P.; Goncharov, A. B. Groupes fondamentaux motiviques de Tate mixte. Ann. Sci. École Norm. Sup. (4)

Goncharov, A. B.Galois symmetries of fundamental groupoids and noncommutative geometry. Duke Math. J. 128 (2005), no. 2.

finishing with the paper of Francis Brown

Brown, F. Mixed Tate motives over Z. Ann. of Math. (2) 175 (2012), no. 2, 949–976.

as application.


Here is a tentative schedule of talks:

1 30.04 Shane Kelly Mixed motives, mixed Tate motives, realizations, weight filtrations, t-structure.
2 07.05 Ishai Dan-Cohen MT as Tannakian category-The Hopf algebra of framed objects and the Bloch-Kriz cycle algebra
3 14.05 Marc Hoyois Deligne's motivic fundamental group-I
4 21.05 Utsav Choudhury Deligne's motivic fundamental group-II
4 bis 28.05 Utsav Choudhury(2nd lecture) Deligne's motivic fundamental group-II
5 04.06 Ishai Dan-Cohen Deligne-Goncharov: motivic fundamental group, I
6 18.06 Le Dang Thi Nguyen Deligne-Goncharov: motivic fundamental group, II
7 02.07 Jin Cao/Peng Sun Goncharov's motivic iterated integrals, I (sections 2,3)
8 05.07 Ismaël Soudères Goncharov's motivic iterated integrals, II(section 4,5,part of 6)
9 09.07 Giuseppe Ancona Mixed Tate motives over Z à la F. Brown, I
10 12.07   Mixed Tate motives over Z à la F. Brown, II