Meeting time and place:

We meet on Tuesdays,14-16 Uhr (c.t.), in WSC-N-U-4.04


This semester we will hold a seminar on elliptic motives. Here is an preliminary outline:

1. Beiinson's conjectures 6 lectures

2. Polylogarithm and elliptic polylogarithm 3 lectures

3. Elliptic multipolylog.  2 lectures 

4. Multiple Modular values. 2 lectures



Part 1: Beilinson's conjectures

28.10.2014-Adeel Kahn, "Beilinson-Deligne cohomology" [BR] sec. 1

4.11.2014-Federico Binda, "Regulators and arithmetic intersection", [BR] sec. 2

11.11.2014-Ishai Dan-Cohen, "Beilinson's conjectures", [BR] sec. 3

18.11.2014-Giuseppe Ancona, "Regulators of modular curves, 1" [BM]

25.11.2014-Jin Cao,  "Regulators of modular curves, 2" [BM]

2.12.2014-Lorenzo Mantovani,  "Regulators of modular curves, 3" [BM]

Part 2: Polylogarithm and elliptic polylogarithm

9.12.2014-Rin Sugayama, "Motivic polylogarithm" [BD]

16.12.2014-Matthias Wendt, "Elliptic polylog, 1" [BL]

13.1.2015-Toan Nguyen, "Elliptic polylog, 2" [BL]

Part 3: Elliptic multipolylog

20.1.2015-Thomas Poguntke, "Multiple elliptic polylog, 1" [BrL]

27.1.2015-Gabriela Guzman, "Multiple elliptic polylog, 2" [BrL]

Part 4: Multiple modular values

3.2.2-15-Girja Tripathi, "Multiple Modular Values, 1" [Br]

10.2.2015-Marc Levine,  "Multiple Modular Values, 2" [Br]



[BR] A. Beilinson, "Higher regulators and values of L-fucntions"

[BM] A. Beilinson, "Higher regulators of modular curves"

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[BeL] A. Beilinson, A. Levin, "Elliptic polylogarithm"

[BrL] F. Brown, A. Levin, "Multiple Elliptic Polylogarithms" arXiv:1110.6917 [math.NT] Francis C. S. Brown, Andrey Levin 

[Br] F. Brown "Multiple Modular Values for SL2(Z)" arXiv:1407.5167 [math.NT]

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