Homework Exercises

Exercise set 1

Exercise set 2 Corrected version posted 01.11.16, 11:35 am, further typos corrected 10 pm, exercise 2(b) corrected 3.11

Exercise set 3

Exercise set 4

Exercise set 5 Problem 2 corrected, 30.11.16

Exercise set 6 Corrections made to problem (4) and some definitions about divisors and invertible sheaves on a smooth curve were added. 1.12.16. Correction to problem 4e (k is assumed algebraically closed) 3.12.16

Exercise set 7 Corrections to problems 3(b),(d), (e): X is assumed smooth projective and geometrically integral. 10.12.16

Exercise set 8 corrections: hypothesis ``separated'' added in a few spots. The condition that the morphism p in problem 2(c) is faithfully flat is made explicit. 16.12.16

Exercise set 9

Exercise set 10

Exercise set 11

Exercise set 12

Notes and references

Notes on numerical polynomials