The lecture schedule for this lecture series is as follows:


Lecture 1. Thurs., April 10,"Unstable operations in small theories" Introductory Lecture in the Esaga Oberseminar, 16:45-17:45

Lecture 2. Friday, April 11, "Stable operations in algebraic cobordism" 14-15 Uhr N-U-3.04

Lecture 3. Monday, April 14, "Theories of rational type" 14-15 Uhr N-U-3.04

Lecture 4. Tuesday, April 15, "Cohomological operations on theories of rational type" 14-15 Uhr N-U-4.04

Lecture 5 Wednesday, April 16, "Applications of the main theorem", 14-15 Uhr, S-U-3.01 

For abstracts of these talks, please see Vishik-Abstracts

Here are some lecture notes: Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, Lecture 4, Lecture 5.