Seminar on D-Modules

Organizer: Jochen Heinloth,

Program: pdf

Termin Vortragender Titel
12.04.2012 Giulia Battiston Definition of D-modules, first examples and operations
19.04.2012 Andre Chatzistamatiou Derived categories and Kashiwara’s theorem
26.04.2012 Jochen Heinloth Applications, base change and coherence conditions
03.05.2012 Peng Sun Characteristic variety and definition of holonomicity
10.05.2012, 16:15 Kari Vilonen (Northwestern) The microlocal codimension three conjecture
24.05.2012 Jochen Heinloth $p_*$ and $p^!$ preserve holonomicity
31.05.2012 Ishai Dan-Cohen Properties of $p_!$ and $p^*$, classification of irreducible holonomic D-modules
14.06.2012 Lars Kindler Regular integrable connections
21.06.2012 Ismaël Soudères Regular singularities
28.06.2012 Kay Rülling The Riemann-Hilbert correspondence I
05.07.2012 Lei Zhang The Riemann-Hilbert correspondence II
12.07.2012 No seminar this week
19.07.2012 Vytautas Paskunas Application to representation theory