Oberseminar Sommersemester 2012

Die Vorträge finden jeweils Donnerstags um 16:45 Uhr statt in T03 R04 D10.

Der Tee findet ab 16:15 nebenan in T03 R04 D22 statt.

Alle Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen!

Termin Vortragender Titel
12.04.2012, 16:45 Shu Sasaki (KCL) A conjecture of Artin and weight one forms over totally real fields
19.04.2012, 16:45 Jerzy Weyman (Northeastern Univ., Boston) Quivers, Clusters, and their Mutations
26.04.2012, 16:45 Ishai Dan-Cohen (Essen) Explicit Chabauty-Kim theory for the thrice punctured line
03.05.2012, 16:45 Jörg Wildeshaus (Paris 13) Weights and nilpotence
10.05.2012, 14:15 Richard Taylor (IAS, Princeton) Galois representations for non-self-dual automorphic forms
10.05.2012, 16:15 Kari Vilonen (Northwestern) The microlocal codimension three conjecture
24.05.2012, 16:45 Phung Ho Hai (Hanoi) Tannaka duality over DVR and applications
31.05.2012, 16:45 Ismael Souderes (Essen) Cycles complex over $\mathbb P^1$ minus 3 points and multiple polylogarithms
14.06.2012, 16:45 Michael Gröchenig (Oxford) Moduli of local systems and Geometric Langlands in positive characteristic
21.06.2012, 16:45 Tomasz Szemberg (Krakow/Mainz) Linear subspaces and symbolic powers
28.06.2012, 16:45 Peter Schneider (Münster) Pro-$p$ Iwahori-Hecke algebras
05.07.2012, 16:45 Geordie Williamson (MPI Bonn) The Springer resolution and modular representation theory
12.07.2012, 16:45 Mark De Cataldo (New York) The projectors of the decomposition theorem are absolute Hodge
19.07.2012, 16:45 Gebhard Böckle (Heidelberg) Irreducibility of local versal deformation rings in the (p,p)-case