Seminar on Perfectoid Spaces and the Weight-Monodromy Conjecture for Complete Intersections

Organizer: Jochen Heinloth,

Program: pdf

Termin Vortragender Titel
12.04.2012 Philipp Hartwig Introduction. A result due to Fontaine-Wintenberger and perfectoid fields
19.04.2012 Vytautas Paskunas A concept of Faltings: An introduction to almost ring theory
26.04.2012 Ulrich Terstiege Perfectoid algebras I
03.05.2012 Kay Rülling An aside on the cotangent complex
10.05.2012 Jochen Heinloth Perfectoid Algebras II
24.05.2012 Giulia Battiston A short course on adic spaces
31.05.2012 Ulrich Görtz Perfectoid spaces I: Analytic topology
14.06.2012 Christian Kappen Perfectoid spaces II: Almost-vanishing of cohomology
21.06.2012 Jochen Heinloth Etale topology on perfectoid spaces and the almost purity theorem
28.06.2012 Ulrich Görtz Application and limits
05.07.2012 Manish Kumar Toric varieties and tilting procedure
12.07.2012 Ishai Dan-Cohen The weight-monodromy conjecture I
19.07.2012 Ulrich Görtz The weight-monodromy conjecture II