Organizers: Ulrich Görtz, Jochen.Heinloth, Vytautas Paskunas.
Room: WSC-S-U-3.01

Termin Vortragender Titel
18.04.2013, 10:15 Enno Nagel (Univ. Federal de Alagoas) Fractional Differentiability in Number Theory
25.04.2013, 10:15 N.N. t.b.a.
02.05.2013, 10:15 Oliver Bültel (Essen) CM points on Shimura varieties with a certain uniformization
16.05.2013, 10:15 reserviert t.b.a.
23.05.2013, 10:15 Gabriel Dospinescu (ENS Lyon) Universal unitary completions of locally analytic representations of $\mathrm{GL}_2(\mathbb{Q}_p)$
06.06.2013, 10:15 B. Farang-Hariri (HU Berlin) Tamely ramified geometric local theta correspondence in terms of geometric Langlands functoriality
13.06.2013, 10:15 Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden) CM-constructions in low genus
20.06.2013, 10:15 K. Ardakov (London) Towards a geometric construction of p-adic locally analytic representations
27.06.2013, 10:15 C. Sorger (Nantes/MPI) On the p-curvature of Hitchin’s connection
04.07.2013, 10:15 T. Schürg (Bonn/Berlin) Derived Algebraic Bordism
11.07.2013, 10:15 S. Kionke (MPI Bonn) Cohomology growth and Lefschetz numbers of arithmetic groups
18.07.2013, 10:15 N.N. t.b.a.