Research Seminar: The Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces

Time: 14:15-16:00
Room: WSC-N-U-3.05

This term we want to learn about K3 surfaces and in particular about (one of the) recent proofs of the Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces.

K3 surfaces play a special role in the classification of surfaces: On the one hand they have trivial canonical bundle (like elliptic curves and abelian surfaces) but on the other hand, they do not admit a group structure. As one of the sources puts it they can be defined as being proper surfaces with trivial canonical bundle plus any condition that rules out abelian surfaces.

The literature on these surfaces being vast, we have to make some choices for the seminar. However, the amount of topics also has the advantage, that many techniques from various parts of algebraic geometry have been used to study properties of K3 surfaces, which gives us the opportunity to learn several of these methods in a rather concrete application. I therefore hope that you can find a talk in the program, to share your expertise or find a talk where you can take the opportunity to talk about something you wanted to learn anyway.

Program: pdf

Termin Vortragender Titel
11.04.2013, 14:15 Jochen Heinloth Introduction (and distribution of talks)
18.04.2013, 14:15 Rin Sugiyama Examples and basic results on K3 surfaces
25.04.2013, 14:15 Stefan Schröer The Kuga-Satake construction
02.05.2013, 14:15 Tobias Schmidt Weil conjectures for K3-surfaces
16.05.2013, 14:15 N.N. reserviert
23.05.2013, 14:15 Haifeng Wu A cristalline interlude
06.06.2013, 14:15 Marc Levine The formal Brauer group and crystalline cohomology
13.06.2013, 14:15 Shu Sasaki Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces of finite height I
20.06.2013, 14:15 Vytautas Paskunas Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces of finite height II
27.06.2013, 14:15 André Chatzistamatiou The Tate conjecture for supersingular K3 surfaces I
04.07.2013, 14:15 Ulrich Görtz The Tate conjecture for supersingular K3 surfaces II
11.07.2013, 14:15 Giuseppe Ancona The Tate conjecture for supersingular K3 surfaces III
18.07.2013, 14:15 Ishai Dan-Cohen The Tate conjecture and finiteness