The topic of the seminar is Harder-Narasimhan theory for finite flat group schemes (after Fargues).

Date: Thursday 10-12, T03 R04 D10.

Program: pdf


14.10. Christian Kappen Introduction
21.10. Andre Chatzistamatiou The formalism of Harder-Narasimhan filtrations
22.10. Moritz Kerz Discriminants and differents
04.11. Nguyen Duy Tan Finite flat group schemes I
11.11. Philipp Hartwig Finite flat group schemes II
18.11. Ulrich Terstiege Harder-Narasimhan filtrations of finite flat group schemes
25.11. Stefan Kukulies Comparison with the Newton Polygon
02.12. Christian Kappen Compatibilities and behavior in families
09.12. Jumpei Nogami p-divisible groups and the Hasse invariant
16.12. Ulrich Görtz Existence of canonical subgroups
13.1. Ulrich Görtz Canonical subgroups I
20.1. Sara Arias de Reyna HN filtration and tame ramification
27.1. Kay Rülling Lubin-Tate spaces and the period morphism I
3.2. Ulrich Görtz Lubin-Tate spaces and the period morphism II