Research seminar: Stacks

The goal of the seminar is to learn about the basic de finitions and properties of stacks, discuss some examples, and fi nally to give the proof of Behrend’s trace formula.

Program: pdf
The program uses the following version of the stacks project book: dvi

Organizer: Andre Chatzistamatiou,


14.10. Andre Chatzistamatiou Overview
21.10. Anna Fluder Descent
28.10. Annabelle Hartmann Algebraic Spaces
4.11. Abolfazl Mohajer 2-categories, fibered categories, stacks
11.11. Lars Kindler Algebraic Stacks
18.11. Stefan Kukulies Groupoid representation of an algebraic stack and BG
25.11. Kay Rülling Example: Moduli of Abelian Varieties
2.12. Philipp Hartwig The coarse moduli space for algebraic stacks
9.12. Philipp Gross Finiteness theorem and Leray spectral sequence
16.12. Marcello Bernardara The Leray spectral sequence for fibrations and purity
13.1. Andre Chatzistamatiou Cohomology of BGL_n and proof of the trace formula
20.1. Lei Zhang The trace formula for Deligne-Mumford stacks