Research seminar: Weil II

In the seminar we will follow Katz’s “Four Lectures on Weil II”.

Program: pdf

Organizer: Andre Chatzistamatiou,


13.10. Andre Chatzistamatiou Overview
20.10. Annabelle Hartmann Review l-adic sheaves and cohomology
27.10. Oliver Bräunling Weights and pure sheaves
3.11. Lars Kindler Twisting with wild characters
10.11. Henrik Russell Degeneration and weight drop lemma
17.11. Lei Zhang Monodromy theorem implies purity theorem I
24.11. Andre Chatzistamatiou Monodromy theorem implies purity theorem II
1.12. Adrian Langer Geometric irreducibility
8.12. Manish Kumar The moment criterion
15.12. Kay Rülling Cohomological moment calculation
19.01. Jochen Heinloth Hard Lefschetz theorem
26.01. Jeng-Daw Yu Weil I and geometric semi-simplicity
02.02. Antrittsvorlesungen Heinloth/Paskunas