Forschungsseminar Arithmetische Geometrie

Organizers: Ulrich Görtz, Jochen.Heinloth, Vytautas Paskunas.

Termin Vortragender Titel
08.11.2012 Timo Richarz (Bonn) On the Geometric Satake Isomorphism
22.11.2012 Kęstutis Česnavičius (MIT) The p-parity conjecture for elliptic curves with a p-isogeny
29.11.2012 Xavier Guitart (MPI Bonn) Effective computation of Darmon points
06.12.2012 Fabian Sander (Essen) Hilbert-Samuel multiplicities of certain deformation rings
13.12.2012 Sian Nie (IHES) Conjugacy classes in affine Weyl groups
10.01.2013 Truong Quyet Thang (Essen) A bound on the dimension of Hilbert schemes and applications
17.01.2013 Santiago Molina (Bielefeld) Galois action on the isogeny class of a Q-curve
24.01.2013 Oliver Bräunling (Essen) Higher Tate central extension and K-theory delooping
31.01.2013 Charles de Clercq ( Univ Paris 13) Motivic equivalence of algebraic groups
07.02.2013 Christian Kappen (Essen) The base change conductor and a refined Artin conductor