Seminar on Arithmetic Geometry

Date & place: Thursday, 10-12, N-U-3.05

Termin Vortragender Titel
29.10.2015 Gergely Zabradi (Budapest) Multivariable (φ,Γ)-modules and smooth o-torsion representations
05.11.2015 Wataru Kai (Tokyo) A moving lemma for algebraic cycles with modulus
26.11.2015 Konrad Voelkel (Uni-Freiburg) Projective spaces over split forms of division algebras
03.12.2015 reserviert SFB-Seminar in Bonn
10.12.2015 Helene Sigloch (Uni-Freiburg) Vector Bundles over Rigid Analytic Varieties
21.01.2016 Annabelle Hartmann (Bonn) The quotient map on the equivariant Grothendieck ring of varieties
28.01.2016 Junliang Shen (ETH) Enumerative geometry of 3-folds and algebraic cobordism
04.02.2016 Heer Zhao (Cambridge) Log abelian varieties over log points