Research Seminar in Arithmetic Geometry

Time: Thursday, 10 – 12

Room: WSC-N-U-3.05

Topic: Derived Galois deformation rings. We will study a part of a paper of Galatius – Venkatesh.

Date Title Speaker
17.10.2019 Introduction Vytas
31.10.2019 Classical deformation theory of Galois deformations Gürkan
07.11.2019 Simplicial Artin rings and functors Chirantan
14.11.2019 Pro-representable functors on simplicial rings Xiaoyu
21.11.2019 The cohomology of pro Artin rings and the Dold-Kan correspondence Aprameyo
28.11.2019 Cotangent complexes of rings and tangent complexes of functors Alessandro
05.12.2019 Lurie’s derived Schlessinger criterion Robin
12.12.2019 Representation functors Lennart
19.12.2019 Deformation theory Vytas
09.01.2020 Weakly holonomic D-modules on rigid analytic spaces Andreas Bode
16.01.2020 The Mori fan of the mirror family of K3 surfaces in genus 2 Klaus Hulek