Research seminar: Variation of GIT quotients

This term, we will study Variation of GIT quotients. Thursday 14:15-15:45 in WSC-N-U-3.05

Seminar program: pdf


Title Speaker Notes
12.10.2023 Overview and Distribution of Topics Niklas Müller
19.10.2023 A Crash-Course in Toric Geometry Herman Rohrbach
26.10.2023 Preliminaries: The Ample Cone Clémentine Lemarié-Rieusset Talk 2
02.11.2023 Classical Invariant Theory Hind Souly Talk 3
09.11.2023 Linearisations and GIT on projective Varieties Julian Quast Talk 4
16.11.2023 The Hilbert-Mumford criterion Guillermo Gamarra Segovia Talk 5
23.11.2023 The Hesselink Stratification Federica Santi
30.11.2023 Stability Sets and GIT Classes Riccardo Tosi Talk 6
07.12.2023 The GIT Fan Matteo Costantini
14.12.2023 Crossing a Wall Lukas Bröring
21.12.2023 The Moduli Space of Higgs Bundles Giulio Marazza
11.01.2024 A Conjecture of Hausel and Rodriguez-Villegas Carolina Tamborini
18.01.2024 An Introduction to Bridgeland stability Thiago Solovera e Nery
25.01.2024 Applications of Bridgeland stability Chirantan Chowdhurry
01.02.2024 Program Discussion regarding the next term