Welcome to the webpage of the Essen PhD Seminar for the Wintersemester 2023/24!

The seminar will take place every Wednesday starting from October 11th in the lecture room WSC S-U-4.01. The talks will start at 4 pm and last about 90 minutes.

You can find the latest version of the program here.

You can find an english translation of Deligne's paper "Formes modulaires et representations l-adiques" here. I do not know who translated it, it seems to me that there are not big mistakes, but there could very well be typos. In any case it may be useful if you don't know french.


Topics for next semester:

p-adic uniformisation

p-adic hodge theory

geometric Satake

Nori motives


Date Title Speaker Notes
11/10/23 1. Introduction Giulio  
18/10/23 2. Étale morphisms Luca Talk 2
25/10/23 3. Étale sheaves Marc Talk 3
8/11/23 4. Étale cohomology Federica Talk 4
15/11/23 5. The cohomology of curves and purity Lukas Talk 5
22/11/23 6. Proper base change and applications Pietro Talk 6
29/11/23 7. Smooth base change, Künneth formula and cycle map Thiago Talk 7
06/12/23 8. Poincaré duality and the Lefschetz fixed point formula Lukas Talk 8
20/12/23 9. Proof of the Weil conjectures (I) Guillermo Talk 9
10/01/24 10. The main lemma Niklas  
17/01/24 11. Proof of the Weil conjectures (II) Riccardo  
24/01/24 12. The Ramanujan conjecture (I) Hind  
31/01/24 13. The Ramanujan conjecture (II) Paolo