Termin: Montag 16-18 Uhr (online)
Dozenten J. Heinloth

Termin Vortragender Titel
12.04.2021 N.N. Discussion
19.04.2021 D. Rydh (KTH Stockholm) Weighted blowups and applications
26.04.2021 reserved Summer school
03.05.2021 D. Weissmann Albanese and Stacks
10.05.2021 Discussion
17.05.2021 reserved VBAC-Seminar
31.05.2021 Discussion
07.06.2021 D. Aranha Derived constructions for stacks and quotients
14.06.2021 E. Hamilton (Paris) Smoothness of fixed point sets and cohomology of quotients
21.06.2021 (Oberwolfach Workshop)
28.06.2021 Discussion
05.07.2021 reserved VBAC-Seminar
12.07.2021 L. Montovani On the Chow-Witt ring of the moduli stacks of genus one curves.
19.07.2021 M. Costantini (tentative title: Moduli spaces of multi-scaled differentials)