Time: The seminar will take place Tuesday 16-18 in Room WSC-N-U-4.05

(Preliminary Program)

Termin Vortragender Titel
17.10.2017 Jochen Heinloth Vector bundles – A first try
24.10.2017 Francesco Bruzzesi Elliptic curves – A second try
07.11.2017 Francesco Chiatti Moduli spaces I – Definition and Examples
14.11.2017 Timo Richarz Moduli spaces II – Gluing and descent
21.11.2017 Enzo Serandon Stacks – Fibered categories or pseudo functors
28.11.2017 Ran Azouri The 2-Yoneda lemma and representable morphisms
05.12.2017 Francesco Chiatti Topological and differentiable stacks: properties
12.12.2017 t.b.a. Groupoids and quotients
19.12.2017 Daniel Harrer Stacky curves I
09.01.2018 Heer Zhao Stacky curves II
16.01.2018 t.b.a. Sheaves and vector bundles on stacks
23.01.2018 Konstantin Jakob The Picard group of M 1,1
30.01.2018 t.b.a. Moduli stacks of vector bundles on curves