Masterseminar: Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations

Termin: Das Seminar findet Montags 16-18 Uhr in WSC-S-U-3.03 statt.
Organizers K. Jakob, J. Heinloth.

Literature M. van der Put, M. Singer: ‘Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations’, Springer 2003

Programm Preliminary program

If you want to participate in this seminar, please contact one of the organizers.

Some of the speakers prepared notes for their talks, that they offered to share – use at your own risk.

Termin Vortragender Titel
8.10.2018 J. Heinloth An algebraic description of differential equations
15.10.2018 J.F. Wu The differential Galois group as algebraic variety
22.10.2018 J.F. Wu The Galois correspondence and Liouvillian extensions
29.10.2018 M. Günzel Classification in the field of formal power series
5.11.2018 C. Zinn A version of the algebraic closure and Newton polygons
12.11.2018 K. Jakob Riemann-Hilbert problem I: Monodormy
19.11.2018 G. Bormpilas Riemann-Hilbert Problem II: Connections
26.11.2018 L.C. Lefèvre Asymptotics of solutions I:Existence of Asym-
ptotic Lifts.
3.12.2018 M. Günzel Asymptotic of Solutions II: k-Summation.
10.12.2018 J. Dette Asymptotic of Solutions III: Multisummation.
17.12.2018 J. Wulff Stokes I: the additive Stokes phenomenon.
7.1.2019 J. Wulff Stokes II: the additive Stokes phenomenon.
14.1.2019 G. Bormpilas Moduli spaces I: Introduction
21.01.2019 N.N. Moduli Spaces II: An explicit example.
28.01.2019 N.N. Moduli Spaces III: The general case.