Termin: The Seminar is on Monday 16-18 Uhr It will take place online this term
Dozenten L.C. Lefèvre, J. Heinloth.

In this seminar we will continue to learn notions of stacks in the analytic and algebraic categories. We will have several blocks devoted to topics suggested by the participants and organizers.

Please contact the organizers for details on how to join us online.

A schedule for the first talks will be added soon.

Termin Vortragender Titel
02.11.2020 J. Heinloth Discussion of topics for this term
09.11.2020 X. Zhang Deformations of equivariant chains of rational curves
16.11.2020 J. Heinloth The étale local structure of algebraic stacks I
23.11.2020 VBAC-Webinar K-stability
30.11.2020 X. Zhang Deformation theory of morphisms
07.12.2020 EDGE days online Explicit K-stability and compact moduli spaces