Dr. Louis-Clément Lefèvre

Universität Duisburg-Essen
Fakultät für Mathematik
45117 Essen

Office: WSC-O-3.49

Email: louisclement.lefevre - at - uni-due.de

Louis-Clément Lefèvre



I defended my Ph.D. thesis on June 25th 2018 at the Institut Fourier in Grenoble under the supervision of Philippe EYSSIDIEUX.

Research interests

My field of research is the topology of complex algebraic varieties and the study of moduli spaces of representations of their fundamental groups. The methods that I use come from Hodge theory (mixed Hodge structures, variations of Hodge structure, Hodge modules) as well as formal deformation theory (functors of Artin rings, differential graded Lie algebras) and homotopy theory (rational homotopy, algebraic structures up to homotopy).

Ph.D. thesis

Title: Théorie de Hodge mixte et variétés des représentations des groupes fondamentaux des variétés algébriques complexes (Mixed Hodge theory and representation varieties of fundamental groups of complex algebraic varieties).

Publications and prepublications